WAStar Status Saver 2020 Download And Save Status

WAStar Status Saver

WAStar Status Saver

Here you will get best application possible you need this WAStar Status Saver. This is a best mobile application for whatsapp use. With the help of this they can save their status of all other contact. May you also need this application. it is very simple and lite application for users. This is a multi task mobile application with the help of this you can save video, images, and much more status.

WAStar Status Saver

In this application many other feature like tick message, bubble message etc. So you can save all your friends status like, video, photo, and their story. With the help of this now you no need to take a screen shoot. Never miss any status of your family or friends you wants to save. This is a black message sender you can also use this application. If you wants to application like this then use this our site. May you can send empty message to your friends with the help of this. Due to its latest feature people like much more. Because of its user demand is become popular.

How to use this :

It is very simple to using. first install this app then open.

  1.  You Need to Check the Desired Status and Story.
  2. Now Open WaStar, Click on any image or video to view.
  3. Click the Save Button for Saving this.
  4. Check Its other Features.

Its Latest Features :

  • Is provide Normal Status.
  • You can check Business Status.
  • Now you cam Save all statuses.
  • Yes best is that Re post status even without save.
  • You can play game and check video inside full screen
  • With the help of this Bubble Chat for WhatsApp.
  • So you can Shake to open for WhatsApp.
  • Its provide Blue Bold Text Generator
  • You can also convert Text to Emoji convert
  •  May you can also Text Repeater.
  •  Photo Editor also offering
  • Whats Direct Chat with this application.
  •  Save, Delete, Repost / Share and much more
  • Day-Night Them for users.

Finally, Here you can download WAStar Status Saver from blow link.




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