How to Post Long Videos On WhatsApp Status More Then 30 Seconds

By | July 2, 2020

Long Videos on WhatsApp Status :

This post about How to Post Long Videos On WhatsApp Status More Then 30 Seconds. As you know must the policy of  WhatsApp Status where you can only post 30 seconds videos. However it is possible now to post a Long Videos on WhatsApp Status more then 30 seconds on your status with modified version. An a put of photo, Gif and video on your status for your friends whats new with you in your life. Which can comes your friends closest to you. However, there are few limits on video Length and size for WhatsApp Status. This post for how to bypass the limits to put the longer or full video in WhatsApp Status.? These are different methods which are blows.

Whatsapp Status Video Length & Size Limit :

In WhatsApp you can send ony 16MB file. Which can be only a 30 second to 3 minutes. However, The video you can put on your status which short more then 30 seconds. Even your video is small then 30 second but more then 16MB you can not put this status too as like more then 30 seconds.

Long Videos on WhatsApp Status

How to Post Full Or Large Videos on WhatsApp Status :

This is one way to convert your video into 30 seconds split parts for updating your full video status. This is one method which people use more then others. How you can split this video into different parts you need a video cutter application which helps you to split video in more then 1 part. However you can try this App.

How to set full Video in WhatsApp Status?

If you dont wants to put your video into split and wants to status full video more then 30 seconds. If your finding a really solution to bypass the video length limit. Then you can use WA Tweaks, an app that is designed for bypass WhatsApp limit. With this app you can break such as 30 seconds length limit for WhatsApp Status. That’s app also allows you to change the theme of WhatsApp. You can also send photos in full resolution, etc. Best way to put Long Videos on WhatsApp Status easily.

1.Split WhatsApp Long Status Videos Using Apps :

There is a best way to post Long Videos on WhatsApp Status. Which is making by use of an app called “Audio Status Maker.” This app will split your video into 30 second it self. For example, if a video which you can wants to put on your status in more then 3 minutes, then the amazing app will split the Video into 6 equal parts of 30 seconds each video clip. Search and download  “Audio Status Maker” App from the Google Play Store. And use it for making your statue in 30 second.

2.Convert the video to a GIF Format :

My you know or not that there is a limit a 30-second limit applies to only the videos, but not on photos and GIFs formats . While you will find any GIF file not more then 30 seconds. But these are in fact, a videos converted into moving pictures only. So you can easily convert a long video in a single GIF file. Though there are many apps to do this, but you can use GIF App.

This is a way where you need to a bit patience because the video convert take time. It is a very slow method. If you are using an Android phone which has a small processor, then your phone might lag or WhatsApp might crash too. You need a best processor cell phone.

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