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By | July 2, 2020

The App Cloner Premium:

May you know that today technology has become more and more modern. Which has generated many problems and different threads to us. The mobile application requirement is increasing with spending of time. In this age developer tries to fulfill requirements of market. You know that thousands of games are released every year and people like this. Utilize of these application make you expert. And you will know the powerful smartphone system at the moment. While you can use multitasking applications on your cell phone with the help of App Cloner Premium.

With the help of this operator can use many application same time. But there is main problem that you can not use same application on your phone in same time parallel? For you knowledge take this simply, for example, If you havea 2 Facebook account then you can text same time each other. You can also use both same time in single cell phone.It all possible with the help of App Cloner Premium. Which you can use in any mobile for getting you apps copy or clone.

Now You Make copies of any application:

Here is the first thing to say about that application is that, this just been removed from Google Play Store. So you cannot download App Cloner Premiumon on this google app platform. It is remove due to security reasons. Because this app not complete requuorment of google play store.

But still now You can also find a photo app called App Cloner Premium on Google Play. But it is possible then if you buy a premium account. Other then there are two ways to get this application one from google and second is download from link which is giving blow.

App Cloner Premium free Because of using this app you can make a copy of any application which you are using in your cell phone. Means that you can you one apps copies multi pal time. Any Cloned apps run in parallel. It work independently from their original apps not any restriction. Its main benefit is that you will not receive automatic updates from main app. So you can keep using and run a stable old version along side the original any other app. Such thing now you can change your location any time freely you need to use this App.

There is a Storage options for cloning apps:

  1. You can allow apps to be installed on SD-card
  2. May can also redirect external storage
  3.  Best i that Clear cache on exit

Display options of clone application:

You can change status, navigation and toolbar colors easily.

  1. Change the rotation lock too.
  2. Nice is that Floating apps & free-form windows.
  3. Other Change the app language font and dis ply size.
  4. Make screen is impressive then old.
  5. In clone app you can also give Multi-window support

Finally, If you want to create a perfect copy of an application, then App Cloner Premium is too suitable for you. So when you wants to create a copy you can modified this ? App cloner also provide you many other factor. Like you can change any application name and icon. Generally this application giving to user many verities to do. So don’t to late find and download this App Cloner Premium.

Finally,You can Download from here.


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