Banned from WhatsApp? What happened What to do To Get Remove Band

By | June 26, 2020

Banned from WhatsApp

Today we are talking abut WhatsApp which is one of the most popular fast messaging application. Yes It will be very sorrow to find any Android Phone or iOS without Banned from WhatsApp. I hope your hare to find a problem or get a message from whatsapp that “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help”. Yes, really sorry to say that whatsapp is not allowing you to more using of their services.Its mean that you are nor able to use WhatsApp more.

Here is Problem Why Your WhatsApp is Banned?

There are many reasons of whats of banned your Number but few are blow.These are common reasons.I hope you will also find of your banned reasons.

  • Using modified versions of WhatsApp Which is wrong
  • Doing Spam on WhatsApp or  (Sending Bulk Messages)
  • Getting reported from some one
  • Dealing in children exploitation
  • Buying sealing illegal products or services
  • Sending malware or virus files
  • Impersonating other users or giv
  • Spreading fake videos or fake news
  • hatred, gore, racial comments etc

There is common reasons which is cause of whatsapp banned. Here is two types of the ban imposed by WhatsApp.

1. Temporary Ban From WhatsApp

A temporary ban should be form some time, few hours, few days or weeks. This type of ban warns to user that he not do spam or break rules. This band imposed for send many massage, Creating large groups or heating some one or black mailing. on other hand you can get solve your problem your hardworking.

Banned From Whatsapp

2. Permanent Banned from WhatsApp

This type of banned is unable to removing.No any one can remove this problem with out solid  reasons to open.This ban is imposed because of breaking rules continuously.If you wants to remove such ban you should talk to whats supports soon as possible.This type of banned is permanently.

How You Can Get Unbanned from WhatsApp?

Here is some method for getting unbanned from whatsapp which are blow.

1. Temporary Ban Because Of Mod WhatsApp

If you are banned temporarily for using other WA like WA Plus, GBWhatsApp or etc. Then you should try these are blow some method to getting remove band.

  1. First you need to uninstall whatsapp. (Make chat Backup)
  2. Now Download latest version of whats from store.
  3. Register with your old mobile number. (which is banned from WA)
  4. You will see the time which continues to decreasing. When time is over the whatsapp will fine.

Note: Without using a valid whatsapp you are unable to lifting Banned from WhatsApp.

2. Banned Because of Doing Spam or Sending Bulk Messages

If you are get banned because of sending bulk massage then your solution at email.You need to send a email to whatsapp team for removing ban.

  1. When you will open whatsapp you will see supports icon.
  2. Click here you will redirect to whatsapp supports page.
  3. Here is answer of many question you need to find you problem.
  4. Here you will see email then compose a mail.

Write a mail saying that “I did not know about sending message i send only my contact but my whatsapp band no is band please check any open it”. You can also try other message which is your main reason.

Wait for next 24 to 48 Hours for lifting ban if i hope you will get 100% resolve your problem or band removing from your number.

3. Banned Because of other reasons

If you are locked because of some fake news or media audio or photo etc. There are chance to getting back whatsapp account the level of your breaking rules.Send email to Banned from WhatsApp team that your are not aware the rules of using of your product please give me a chance to prove my self is not wrong i apologize you.You can also Reactive Face Book Account from here.

4. Permanently Banned from WhatsApp

If you ban due to wrong photo, selling now allowed item or sending adult media then is very less chance to get back your account but you need to try once.Its depends on your request what kind of email you write to them.The only solution is that you prove your self innocent. And if you receive a message “Your number is no longer enabled to use our service”. Then you need to apply one time more. If you think your account ban by mistake contact them again hopefully your issue will solve.

Note: If you not able to restore your account you should try other mobile no leave it for 30 day.It will autonomic enable.Then you can use it for whatsapp.

How to restore your chat after getting back of ban

  • 1. First wait for left of temporary ban.The time shown on timer.
  • 2. Now in GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus or any other Mod WA, tap More options > Chats > Back up chats.
  • 3. Finnly, Go to File Manager of your device.
  • 4. Now you find the folder which named ‘Mod WhatsApp’ like GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus then Rename it to “WhatsApp”
  • 5. Go to play store and download whatsapp.
  • 6. There for In real Banned from WhatsApp app you need to verify your mobile no.
  • 7. Here you will found a massage in you screen, tap Restore > Next.
  • 8. Banned from WhatsApp will load with your all existing chats from old data.

Now here is contact link for Whastapp team according to your device

Appeal Link

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