How To Cheak Sim Details in Pakistan

By | June 11, 2020

How To Cheak Fresh Sim Database With Any Phone Number and Through Cnic Number in Pakistan


 Phone Number Details

Now You Can Cheak How Many Sims in Your Cnic Number.In This App You Are Given 8 To 10 Sections To Cheak SIM Details.

First Of All you have go to the any database then go to your search box and type any phone number without zero (0) then click on search button to type the number.After that you will get the details of his number.If you want to get the details from a CNIC Number then click on the search button After typing the cnic number.Cnic Details

In this application, you can remove the entire family details of this servant from any individual’s ID Card Number.After coming to the cnic information first of all you have to write the CNIC Number of this person and the you will be given one below.The Captcha code fill it out and then you clic on the find CNIC as you click on it,all the details of its ID Cardcome in front of you.

In addition, you can check any company’s bill in it, including electricity gas, telephone water bills, etc. They can check you in addition to this, you can check the results of any class in it for more information.

For more information, you can download the application from the link below.

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